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Protect your vaccines, so they can protect your herd. Vaccines break down in sunlight and warm temperatures, making them less effective and even dangerous. Make your vaccine program pay for itself by protecting your investment. Use a CattleVacBox chute side cooler next time you work your herd.

Get the most out of your vaccines by keeping them cool, sorted and protected while processing your cattle. The CattleVacBox is insulated, and with the use of ice packs, you can make sure your medications are kept at the right temperature. Each cooler comes with a specially designed, removable tray that helps eliminate cross contamination of your vaccines by keeping them individually organized in each row. Easily separate individual and transfer needles. The tray keeps your vaccines and needles in sight and right at hand. No digging through an unsafe, disorganized mess anymore!!

Proudly made in the USA! We know you need quality products that work and last, and we won't stop at anything less.

CattleVacBox Reviews

The Boss

"Can’t say enough good things about the customer service and product! Will be sharing this box as much as possible so there are more ranches with them! Thank you CattleVacBox! "
 - Agnes Black


The Jr.

"Fast, friendly service, prompt shipping and delivery. So far a great product, as my herd grows I'll need to up-size my box."
- Lloyd Hoover



CattleVacBox/owner/worker is not liable for any injuries to person or animal resulting from the box, vaccine mishandling, cross contamination, degraded vaccine, animal health issues, or any other problems resulting from misuse of our product. We cannot control the temperature of your vaccine/medications, misuse of vaccine instructions,or mishandling of the intentions and design the box. We accept no responsibility for all listed above. Use at your own risk.